LinkedIn Release Conversion Pixel Tracking Tool

LinkedIn have finally released a conversion pixel to track and optimise LinkedIn Paid Social. Conversion tracking for Linkedin allows brands to reap huge benefits.


What are the Benefits of LinkedIn Conversion Tracking?
The recent announcement of conversion tracking capabilities gives brands the ability to provide advertisers and marketers with a tool which can be used to measure campaign success and boost ROI across the platform. Currently, this functionality is only available for Sponsored Content and Text Ads.

Once installed, multiple conversions can be generated for a single advertisement, based on URL firing rules (similar to Facebook’s website custom audiences). Conversions can be categorised under one of the following:

  • Purchase
  • Add to Cart
  • Lead
  • Sign up
  • Install
  • Key Page View
  • Other

Finally, conversion tracking can also be broken out within the LinkedIn UI by post-click, post-view, and device.

How Can Marketers Use This Feature?
? Linkedin optimisation helps marketers gain a better understanding of particular ads and exclusive Linkedin audiences that drive campaign conversions.
? Audiences can be segregated on the basis of job role, company size, and industry meaning a deeper insight into consumer reach.
? Marketers are able to track the metrics that matter the most. The conversion tracker will provide access to website conversions from the Campaign Manager analytics and insights into advertising ROI, conversion count, conversion rate, and CPC, leading to intelligent insights. Convenience and value – what’s not to like?!
? The Insight Tag is placed across your entire website – there is no need to insert multiple insight tags; afterwards you are able to customise and define which unique web actions to define as conversions.
? The seven different types of conversion measurements can be used to gain a better understanding of which audiences and ad creatives are driving conversions:


LinkedIn Conversion Tracking Metrics

? Marketers can monitor performance via desktop and mobile, meaning insights are easily accessible and immediate. It can also record conversions to understand whether click-ons and ads resulted in conversions.
? Specific campaigns, ads and the nature of audience prompting adaptions can also be monitored and this information can be used to improve sponsored content and Text Ads targeting.
? Convenience is key: gain access to all of your key performance metrics in a single Campaign Manager dashboard.

Andy Powl, Programmatic Account Manager at NMPi sees LinkedIn’s Conversion Tracking Pixel as another angle to assess performance and return on ad spend.

“LinkedIn’s Tracking Pixel has been a long time coming and a welcome addition to assess performance. There are however, a number of limitations that remain regarding conversion tracking and attribution, such as a fixed 30 day attribution window and siloed conversions. The reality of running digital campaigns with an integrated agency such as NMPi means that the usefulness of LinkedIn’s tracking solution is limited to a qualitative assessment. To evaluate the user journey and attribute incremental conversions, click trackers and URL tags are still very much required for tracking on LinkedIn.”

Where is it Available?
All advertisers are able to use Conversion Tracking through LinkedIn Campaign Manager, AdStage and 4C and a couple of LinkedIn’s certified partners. There are plans to roll this feature out through partners and Sponsored InMail.

Divye Khilnani, LinkedIn Product Manager stated“Conversion tracking has been a top-requested feature from customers looking for more insight into how their LinkedIn ads are helping them generate high-quality leads, acquire new customers and raise brand engagement among LinkedIn’s global audience of 450 million professionals.”

LinkedIn Conversion Tracking looks set to offer marketers an unparalleled opportunity to reach a vast international audience with a wealth of insight and information.

Are You Ready to Use Conversion Tracking?
Log into LinkedIn Campaign Manager and click ‘Conversion Tracking’ at the top right of the home screen to get started.