NMPi First Ad Agency Named Premium Google Comparison Shopping Partner

It was just over a month ago that we announced the launch of our Comparison Shopping Service and official Google CSS Partner status. Within that short time, we have become the first advertising agency to receive the Premium Google Comparison Shopping (CSS) Partner badge for our proprietary CSS technology, By Buy Bye.

The Premium Google CSS Partner badge is only given to those who hold the skills and expertise to assist over 100 merchants on their platform, and we are thrilled to be the first advertising agency to achieve this milestone. Our heritage and depth of understanding of Google’s Shopping capabilities has allowed us to rapidly scale and provide leading brands with our technology, consultancy and expertise. 

What’s so exciting about working with a CSS?

If you haven’t yet heard, Google expanded its Shopping proposition earlier this summer, encouraging several large agencies to become a part of their new partner programme, which now includes over 50 CSS platforms.

Google has confirmed that running Shopping activity via a CSS is 20% cheaper than running through Google Shopping. For example, a £1 bid through a CSS is worth £1 in the auction, whilst a £1 bid through Google Shopping may only be worth 80p.

Overall our campaigns have seen a significant drop in CPCs, averaging a 30% reduction in costs whilst maintaining optimal campaign performance.

If you have any interest in learning more about CSS and how you can receive Google’s CPC discounts and spend match benefits, get in touch.