NMPignite: The Creative Renaissance

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The digital media landscape has changed substantially, and it is Dave Rosowsky’s – COO of Joystick – belief that we are now in the midst of a creative renaissance. We are in a unique opportunity to bring together media, creative and technology in a way that has never been done before. Historically, technology has supported media or creative, but not both. We are now in a position where technology is mature enough that we can start to find new and innovative ways to integrate them.

Professor Clay Shirky argues that “tools don’t get interesting until they get technologically boring”, and this is precisely where we are with programmatic. We can’t start experimenting with technology until society has become comfortable with it until we take it for granted. Now the industry has come to grips with programmatic, we can begin to play around with new formats and so on.

We’ve seen display advertising go from the first banner ads of 1994, back when you could expect a CTR of 44%, to the launch of DoubleClick in 1996. We’ve seen advertisers take down one of America’s largest airlines, and win a presidential election. We saw the birth of programmatic and RTB back in 2010, and now we’re at a point where it’s become boring.

This is the time for creative to shine. The creative renaissance is driven by data, delivered programmatically across a multitude of channels, can be tracked, analyzed and reported on, and of course, is fueled by creative.

Predictions for the Future

  • With the massive growth of programmatic media channels and the technology in place to deliver across “all mediums” we can now focus on what can be done creatively to bring our ideas to life.
  • Publishers will provide creative with the canvas they need, while also taking more responsibility for how ad inventory appears on pages and ensuring the ad-serving experience is much more consistent and clean.
  • Programmatic Direct will open up premium inventory and increases our opportunities to deliver visually compelling creative.
  • Creative will not only become more personalised but personalised across all channels.
  • High impact formats will make a resurgence.
  • Data, technology and analytics will enable collaboration between media, creative and experience in new ways, something that both the Google Marketing Platform and Joystick’s new partnership with NMPi and DQ&A are trying to realise.

Media enables us to reach the right person, but when you reach them, it has to be great experience. Creative is the answer. Creating experiences that delight our users is the answer.