NMPinteractive Workshops launched for Industry Partners

NMPi, by Incubeta, are excited to announce the kick-off of our latest workshop series, NMPinteractive. Hosted in our new Old Street office, these active learning sessions give our partners first-hand experience in the services we provide and how to use our solutions to benefit advertisers’ strategy. 

According to our very own Learning and Development Director, Caitriona Bennett,  “Active learning thinks not just about the content of a session but how it will be best absorbed. It requires participants to think deeply and to apply new concepts in meaningful activities. By applying this method we help our partners increase content knowledge, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.”

In our first session, we offered our partners at Awin the chance to step into the shoes of a digital marketing manager. Each team was asked to create a “2020 performance strategy” for a top UK brand. Before they got started, the NMPi team gave them an in-depth training session on Paid Search, Paid Social, Display and CSS, focusing on how each solution can be used to its full potential and create the greatest impact on brand performance.  

After just a half-day’s workshop, NMPi were impressed with the innovative strategies produced by Awin, leaving the Awin team with a full understanding of how NMPi services can be used to their full extent. 

“NMPi hosted both an engaging and insightful workshop for us this month, to enhance not just our knowledge, but our partnership as a Network & Agency. The presentations were extremely valuable for our Client Services team, and to finish off the day – playing the role as a Digital Marketing Manager was very exciting!” – Sapna Basi, Awin Global Account Manager

This workshop was the first of many innovative training sessions that we will be delivering to our partners. If you are interested in learning how to get your team involved in an NMPinteractive workshop,  please get in touch with our partnerships team. 

If you’d like a glance into life at the Incubeta office, check out our Facebook album for an office tour!