NMPi’s Guide to Angel

NMPi’s London home is in Angel, Islington. A beautiful and lively area of North London, there’s something for everyone: from lunchtime hotspots to post-work bars, theatres to shopping. Still being fairly new to the company and the surrounding area, I asked the company what their favourite spots in the area are. True to form, they did not disappoint.


One thing that can be said about NMPi-ers is we know how to eat, so it is no surprise that I was inundated with restaurant suggestions.

If you’re a red-blooded carnivore, you can’t go wrong with Meat People: amazing atmosphere matched with incredible meat. We love their fantastic service, and you can even bring your own drinks on a Sunday! Don’t know what to order? The natural choice would be the steak, and their chocolate fondant is to die for!

If you’re not as big on meat, another eatery that came up frequently is Rosa’s Thai. There are quite a few of this chain around London, but we’re lucky enough to have one around the corner. You often see a couple of our team bringing Rosa’s Thai bags back to the office for lunch. Firm favourites are Som Tam – a papaya salad – and the butternut red curry. If you’d rather sit in, they do a great lunch menu that is great value for money and delicious!

For a great group meal that you can share, try Afghan Kitchen. A simple decor, and simple Afghan home cooking, makes this a great place for team meals. They focus on hearty stews with subtle spicing, matched with sides such as plain rice or bread.



There are two drinking staples for NMPi. The first is the pub downstairs from the office: the Wenlock and Essex. Our home away from home, you can catch NMPi-ers in here nearly every night of the week – not just for Friday night drinks. It’s perfect for drinks, pizza, or even dancing when Satan’s Circus opens up later on in the night. It’s a fun place to unwind at the end of a busy week, and a staff discount doesn’t hurt.

Sometimes we need a change of scenery, and that’s when we’ll head out to Radicals. Full name Radicals & Victuallers, craft beer is its main game, but you can also rely on it for wine, cocktails and shakes. They have a DJ so it’s another great place for dancing, but it’s not so busy you can’t have a chat. It’s a great atmosphere and one that comes highly recommended.

Stuff to do

One of the biggest benefits of being in London, regardless of where you’re based or how old you are, is the sheer amount of stuff to do. Angel is no different. For those who like a touch of escapism like me, you have either the Almeida or The King’s Head theatres.

The King’s Head is a fringe theatre in the back of a pub, known for its spectacular LGBT seasons and a wide range of styles. From musicals to pub quizzes, plays to live music, it’s a safe haven you can escape to any night of the week. You can also check out the Almeida, known for some of its spectacular productions over the years including Hamlet starring Andrew Scott, the American Psycho musical featuring Matt Smith, and Against with Ben Whishaw. Plus, both of these venues are cheaper than the West End.

Not everyone wants to sit and watch a show for 2 hours, and that’s okay. Some people like to dance and sing karaoke. At Lucky Voice, that’s okay too. Again, there are a couple of these around the country, but we feel very lucky (see what I did there?) that there’s one right on our doorstep. Many a night has been spent belting out our favourite songs until the early hours and generally having a great time.

Being cooped up all day isn’t good for you, and sometimes you just want a nice walk. So much of London, especially the commercial areas, is built up which makes finding some time in nature is really difficult. Angel has a real benefit here: the canals. You can use the cycle paths on your daily commute, and also just for a break. Walking is great for a mental break, and where better to go for a walk than the canals. Just don’t fall in…


Now, these are just some of our top picks, but there’s still loads more I haven’t covered. Angel is one of the best places to explore: it’s bright and colourful, with lots of parks and greenery that you can hang out in and watch the world go by. Think this is an area you want to work in? We’re hiring now, so check out our Careers Page.