Executive Summary

Paid Search marketing provides an exceptional opportunity to reach potential customers when they are active in research or buy mode.

Why Paid Search is important?

  • Scale of the opportunity

Paid Search enables a brand to build a compelling online presence. The figures speak for themselves – 89% of UK consumers use Search Engines to find information on products or services. A further 97% of UK consumers with internet access have made a purchase online.

  • Measurable value

No other advertising channel is as successful in measuring the immediacy of results and ROI.

  • Rich insights

Paid Search can provide swift access to insights that can influence other marketing activity. By effectively analysing the performance of ads, keywords, impressions, clicks, conversions and more, it is possible to gain deeper information about the customer base and so make better informed business decisions.

  • Interplay with other channels

Users who are exposed to other marketing channels such as TV, Print and Radio invariably go on to conduct an online search. Using the influence of these channels can help build an online presence with higher performance.

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