Search Marketing Opportunities in 2011 – our latest seminar

Yesterday we held our first Net Media Planet invites seminar of 2011!  It was another great breakfast session with clients, potential clients and partners, including Google.

These seminars have given us an excellent opportunity to present and share our insights and ideas to maximise performance in the fast-changing world of online marketing.

Yesterday’s session was looking at the opportunities in search and particularly in paid search marketing as we start 2011.  I talked about different areas including where and how search and social come together, how display is becoming a more viable direct response channel through intelligent targeting, and how to drive revenue from mobile as a national and international brand.

2011 is going to be a great year! We’ve got lots of fresh ideas that we’re going to be implementing for our clients and hopefully this morning provides some food for thought.  Please browse through the presentation below (click ‘menu’ to open the presentation in full screen).