Some thoughts from the Head of Publishing and Projects

Changing times

Every day digital publishing gets a little different. Whether there’s a new social media site, a better analytics package, a faster way to load a web page or better way to code a tool, you never know quite what is around the corner. The only thing for certain is that there will be something to interest you, challenge you – and keep you on your toes.

I’m the Head of Publishing and Projects at Net Media Planet and I’ve been working in our London offices for around two and a half years. In that time our websites have evolved from relatively simple five or six page single-issue properties to full-blown publications. Much of our energy over the past six months has been poured into establishing PC Site as a strong, useful and informative website replete with a variety of tools and the best list of tech retailers that you can imagine.

Designers, developers, content creators

We’re good at paid search, of course. But don’t let it disguise the fact that the company is comprised of individuals with the best and broadest range of talents. In the Publishing and Projects team we’ve got an award-winning web-designer, a fantastic developer from Barcelona who speaks more coding languages than he does actual ones and three brilliant digital content creators – all of whom have top class degrees from City University’s prestigious journalism department.

Put us all together and we form the Publishing and Projects team at Net Media Planet. In my time at Net Media Planet we’ve already been nominated and won a number of publishing awards and the aim is to continue doing that over the next few months. Digital media is an exciting place to be at the moment and Net Media Planet is a great company. Sure, it’s fast-paced, sometimes stressful and full of change, but that’s the beauty of the job.

What next?

I’ll try to keep you all updated with our latest projects on this blog. There are more websites on the horizon and there will be Facebook Apps too. More than enough to keep us out of trouble.