The Complete Guide to Performance Marketing

The Performance Marketing Guide 2015 acts as a whistle-stop tour for any advertiser, agency or publisher looking to apply a performance angle to their existing marketing activity.
PerformanceIN’s 2015 Performance Marketing Guide is now available to download, with contribution from Net Media Planet.
We were honoured to have the opportunity to add our knowledge and expertise to the Display Advertising chapter this year. Our chapter is an extensive overview and guide to Display Advertising, the fastest growing digital advertising channel for the past two years.
Today, Online Display spans across desktop and mobile websites, mobile apps, and video platforms, which are discussed in detail within the chapter. Furthermore, Online Display ad technologies and techniques are far more sophisticated than anything we’ve seen in the past two decades, offering more effective advertising opportunities than ever before.
The future of Display Advertising is boundless. In its ability to build brand awareness and gain direct response results, online display advertising has become an integral part of online marketing as a whole. It offers advertisers a unique full-funnel view of the consumer that no other form of advertising can boast on its own.
The fourth annual Guide is over 150 pages worth of informative content on the performance industry at present, as well as how it may evolve over the next 12 months. It includes further topics such as Search, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and more.
Chris Johnson, editor at PerformanceIN, believes the new guide could play a crucial role in helping companies understand performance marketing’s shifting landscape.
“Trying to keep up with developments in an industry that consistently moves forward is no mean feat. Even some of the longstanding digital channels like display, social and search are being engulfed in a wave of innovation, meaning that some ‘tried and tested’ methods of achieving success just won’t work in our evolving climate.”
The Performance Marketing Guide 2015 is now available to download exclusively at PerformanceIN.
For more information on the future of Display Advertising watch our January Webinar with PerformanceIN: Watch Now