Executive Summary

Google Shopping campaigns look, feel, and function differently to regular Paid Search campaigns. A Google Shopping ad format enables advertisers to include an image, title, price, promotional message and business name within the ad, without the need to create unique ads for each product being sold.

How do Google Shopping ads work?

Google Shopping ads use an existing Merchant Center product feed – not keywords – to decide how and where to show your ads. A product feed is a file that is uploaded to the Merchant Center account containing details about the products being sold. Google Shopping ads show a set of relevant products against any given search. The ads appear in their own box on Google Search, separate from text ads, and on Google Shopping.

Why Google Shopping ads are important for Paid Search

Analysis shows that brands using inventory-aware campaigns can improve ROAS by as much as 64% over standard Paid Search campaigns. As a result, inventory-aware campaigns are becoming an essential tool for anyone wanting to run successful large scale ecommerce campaigns across substantial inventories.

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