The Importance of Relevancy for Google PPC Ads

Keywords to describe digital objects

Case study: researching the effect of keyword relevance on ad copy performance

We recently did a test to discover what effect relevancy has in Google’s algorithm, as we wanted to see what difference a ‘good’ PPC campaign has with relevant keywords and ad copies as opposed to a ‘bad’ PPC campaign where the keywords and ad copies did not match.

We created a Mythical Brand to demonstrate the differences in the ad copy and then analysed how effects on Click Thru Rate (CTR) Average Cost Per Click (CPC) and Quality Score (QS).

The keyword we were looking at was ‘Mythical’ and below are the ad copies we used.

Ad copy one

Mythical brand keyword test

Ad copy two

Mythical brand second test

You will see how in the ad copy 1, the keyword ‘Mythical’ is used in both the Headline, Description Line 1 and the Display URL. In ad copy 2 the keyword ‘Mythical’ is only used in the display URL.


The table below shows the differences in CTR, CPC and QS from the two ad copies. You will see that when the keyword is not included in the ad copy then CTR drops dramatically, CPC’s increase and Quality Score drops from 9 to 4.

Effects of relevance on ad copy click through

Net Media Planet Tip – make sure you are using the keyword in the ad copy in order to get the best results for your PPC campaign.

Best way of doing this?

Try setting your campaign structure so you have 1 keyword per ad group on your top traffic terms, to ensure that your headline is bolded in the ad copy which will improve overall CTR for your keyword.

Image credit: Cambodiaforkidsorg