Top 5 Takeaways from NMPignite

Last week, we hosted our latest NMPignite seminar – Great Experiences: Where Art and Science Meet. There were impactful insights and enigmatic speakers in abundance, so we’ve highlighted our top 5 takeaways from the afternoon.

The Creative Renaissance

Taking a quote from Professor Clay Shirky, Dave Rosowsky of Joystick argues that “tools don’t get interesting until they get technologically boring”, and this is precisely where we are with programmatic. Now that programmatic has reached a stage where it is so well integrated within our industry, we are in the middle of a creative renaissance. This renaissance is driven by data, delivered programmatically across a multitude of channels, can be tracked, analysed and reported on, and is of course fueled by creative.

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The Customer is Always Right

Fred Maude’s presentation had a very clear message right from the start. Put simply, the customer is always right. At an industry level, an advertiser level, and at a campaign level, customers have more opportunity to influence what we’re doing than ever before. As we take steps to improve the customer experience, we must:

  • Be Granular – this will allow you to reach the right person, in the right place, at the right time with the right message.
  • Be inventive – win new customers to your brand by being different.
  • Seize it – if you spot an opportunity to do something with a partner don’t be afraid to take that leap.
  • Spread the Word – we need to all take these steps, so we can rebuild trust.

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Breaking Down the Problem

Alain Portmann from House of Kaizen recognises that optimising the entire customer experience is a daunting and messy exercise. To do it in one go would be virtually impossible. So, break it down into something you can solve. For example, if you know that one of the main reasons why people switch from your brand to a competitor is the price, tackle smaller, individual issues like a cart redesign or auto-renewal optimisation. These are much easier to tackle, but still have a profound impact on customer experience as a whole.

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True Customer-First Marketing

To tie this all together, James Sleaford of DQ&A highlighted how advertisers can move towards true customer first marketing. Sometimes, personalisation can be messy. A German-language ad might be served to an English-speaking tourist simply because they’re on holiday in Berlin. A coffee chain might send a frequent customer a discount code on a product they have never bought, or a customer might see the same advert for the same dress following them around for years. This is something that advertisers need to remember when they start integrating more and more personalisation.

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Creating Great Experiences

Lighting and Creative Designer, Tupac Martir provided a much more literal combination of art and science, showing how his art is very much guided and supported by technology and science. Pieces such as his collaboration with Jonny Walker use high-spec data capture to record movement, which was then rendered and projected on the side of a building in Mexico.

In a real encapsulation of our seminar title, his work combines both art and science to tell a story and create an emotional connection with his audience. In an interview with Tupac, he states that “emotional intelligence is the most important thing in the world.” We need to start reaching our customer on an emotional level and whilst data and analytics is important we need to reach out and know our audience. 

While we as digital advertisers are not creating “art” in its most fundamental sense, we can very clearly see how we can use science in order to support and further develop our art – or how we can use data and technology to support our advertising – in order to give a flawless experience to both our customers, and those who are interacting with our ads.

Download Tupac’s Presentation

If you missed the seminar, or you’d like to watch it again, you can check it out here.