Twitter unveils ‘Tailored Audiences’ – we take a look


Twitter’s range of targeting options has been expanding rapidly over recent months. These new targeting options are providing advertisers with some great ways of tailoring their promoted tweets, and displaying their promoted trends and accounts to the most relevant consumers.


Current targeting options with Twitter:

There are a number of targeting options currently available on Twitter, which include;

  • Targeting users by interest, location, gender, device and followers of competitors
  • Targeting users by keyword, both in the search function and contextually within tweets. This offers interesting options for advertisers. Not only does it open up the possibility of promoting extremely relevant tweets in response to individual tweets, but it allows historic keyword performance from Paid Search to shape the strategy adopted through Twitter
  •  Targeting users by TV audiences, specifically targeting consumers who are talking about a particular programme. This feature goes some way to combatting the recent issue of on-demand TV neutralising the effectiveness of time targeting around broadcast TV advertising slots


New ‘Tailored Audiences’:

To further enhance their product offering and importantly in order to keep up with their rivals, in early December Twitter announced the arrival of their new ‘Tailored Audiences’ feature.


Tailored audience targeting will allow advertisers to tailor their messaging to the consumers who have previously expressed an interest in their product or brand. By working with an ad partner, such as Quantcast or BlueKai, advertisers are now able to organise cookie IDs into specific audience segments based on the pages they have visited on the advertiser’s website. This will allow them to create bespoke strategies to better reach specific audience segments.


This ability to hone in on a very specific audience segment and continue a conversation with your target customers while on the go within the social space is a powerful addition to the Twitter advertising platform. We see ‘Tailored Audiences’ as a really exciting step for Twitter, and it will be great to see how this increased layer of understanding of the target audience will impact on the engagement rates of Twitter advertising campaigns.


Watch this space!