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NMPignite Debates: The Future of SEO

Read time: 4 mins 30 secs NMPi welcomed guests for our first NMPignite Debates event; a panel discussion all about the future of SEO. We were joined by Jennifer Hoffman (DeepCrawl), Joe Doveton (Binary Bear), Michael Bass (Marks and Spencer), Fred Maude (Incubeta) and Joe Comotto (NMPi) for a hugely insightful morning of discussion and […]

Meet BERT – Google’s Latest Update

Google’s algorithm updates have always had a significant impact on how marketers handle their SEO efforts, but their latest update – BERT – has been heralded as the most important update in five years, and is set to impact 10% of search queries. But what exactly is BERT, and what impact will it have on […]

Incubeta Ignite: The Next Billion Users

Read Time: 2 mins Since 2005, a lot has changed in the world, but there is one key stat that Google’s Ian Turner wants us to focus on: the 2% of Africa’s nearly 1 billion population who had access to the internet in 2005, compared to the 46% of Europe. Flashing forward to 2019, 82% […]

Incubeta Ignite: Am I A Bad Person?

Read Time: 2 minutes Outside of the world of advertising, data has fueled huge leaps forward in education, science and healthcare. Closer to home, we know how crucial data is for driving effective advertising campaigns. But recent news developments have made me think: am I a bad person? Surveillance is one of the biggest concerns. […]

Incubeta Ignite: The Future of Advertising

Read Time: 3 mins We live in a world where we want to make our lives easier, where we’ve developed technology to make our lives more efficient and simpler. We’ve become more accustomed to an AI world – think Alexa, Siri, Tesla’s self-driving cars, Nest – and as we look to the decade ahead we’ll […]

Incubeta Ignite: Changing Your Mindset

Read Time: 2 mins While many of our presentations have focused on the technical opportunities and challenges of the upcoming decade, Pauliina Jamsa of Siemens highlights a very different opportunity available to us: that of emotional intelligence. It’s not necessarily always about the coolest technology, but how you make people feel – and how you […]

Incubeta Ignite: The Bremont Watch Company

Read Time: 2 mins Nick English is the co-founder of the Bremont Watch Company, a company who brought watchmaking back to British shores to develop one of the most sought after brands in the industry. In his passionate presentation, Nick discusses how he and his brother grew the brand into the powerhouse it is today.  […]

Incubeta Ignite: Your Q4 Strategies

Read Time: 3 mins Q4 is perhaps the most important period for retailers, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas sales taking up the tail end of the quarter, and we know getting your strategies right is crucial to setting you up for success. We heard from Alice Malthouse, NMPi; David Maddison, HSBC; Derek Freer, […]

Business Development Associate

We are looking for a graduate who has a keen interest in developing their sales skills and digital marketing knowledge to join our business development team as a Partnerships Executive.

Winning the U. S. Sports Betting Auction

Paid search is the first step operators need to take as they begin their digital transition, so it’s crucial the fundamentals are built in and all considerations addressed before significant budget is to be invested. If done correctly, search can be the cornerstone of any marketing strategy.