Efficiency in PPC: How to Streamline your Ad Copy

Whether you’re a small business owner managing your paid search campaigns yourself, or have a marketing team running them for you, we know that managing PPC campaigns can take up a significant amount of time and resources. That’s why we’ve used our expertise in running effective and efficient campaigns to put together our top tips into a 3-part series to save time on managing your activity. In our first piece, we cover how you can streamline your ad-copy creation processes.

Ad copy creation and maintenance can become a time-consuming and complicated task if not managed properly, especially if you have a lot of promotions to handle which means you have to update copy frequently. Although ad copy is incredibly important in terms of branding and user experience, a performance marketer’s time would be better used optimizing the account to improve return on spend. In the first part of our PPC Efficiency series, we cover how you can speed up and simplify the ad copy process.

Text Ads – Ad Customizers And Their Feeds

Example of an Ad Feed

Ad customizers are a dynamic portion of a PPC ad that links to a feed. This allows us to change the copy of the ads quickly and efficiently through the feed, rather than by downloading and uploading Ads using programs such as Google Ads Editor. Furthermore, ad customizers can also be used to customize copy depending on a variety of factors such as device, audience, or even location.

Ad customizers save time and improve the manageability of your account in two ways. Firstly, they allow you to avoid cluttering your ad groups with multiple versions of static ads. This way, you can have a single ad with different copy that can dynamically change through the feed. This is opposed to uploading a new static ad every time a new offer goes live or if information changes – saving you time and effort in the long run.

Alternatively,  they can be used to slimline your campaigns. Using ad customizers, you won’t need to create multiple segments in your campaigns or ad groups with different targeting or messaging strategies. For example, rather than creating a campaign for your returning users and one for your new users, you can harness the power of ad customizers so that the same ad can display different messaging depending on the audience a user falls into.

Ultimately, ad customizers are a great way to ensure your ad copy is closely tailored to the user and their search term which, in turn, improves click-through rate, increases ad ranking and thus lowering cost-per-click. They also come in handy if you are advertising information that is frequently changing, for example, pricing information or a countdown to a sale.

Extensions – Sitelink Manager

Example of a Sitelink Manager

Sitelinks are a great way to increase your presence on the SERP, improve your click-through rate, and promote specific products, pages, or offerings from your site. However, they are often neglected and can become out of date and muddled in the account. This is where a Sitelink Manager becomes essential to your success.

A Sitelink Manager is essentially a handy Google Sheet where you can clearly see which sitelinks are live in the account and across which campaigns they are live. Conditional formatting allows you to easily view what is live and where very quickly. This lets you control the number of sitelinks you have live in any one campaign at a time, otherwise, you may end up reducing the visibility of each sitelink during a time when you’re trying to gain awareness of an important promotion.

Most importantly, you can also use a Google script to control your sitelinks through the Sitelink Manager. This gives you the ability to update, add, or remove sitelinks within the sitelink manager across multiple campaigns quickly and efficiently. This allows you to support multiple promotions, across multiple categories, across multiple timelines with ease. You can even schedule sitelinks within the manager easily.

In summary, a Sitelink Manager allows quick updates to the portfolio of sitelinks across your accounts, easy management of promotions which is particularly useful on retail clients and prevents old sitelink build up in the account which can make the account bulky and disorderly.

Ad Builders in Excel

Ad copy creation can be a long, confusing, and error-prone process if handled incorrectly. This can lead to disaster if copy containing errors is shown in the SERP to customers. Ad builders are a way to semi-automate the process of ad creation, simply by splitting your campaigns into categories and utilizing excel formulas to quickly create an upload sheet of error-free copy for a single campaign or even a whole account.

Reducing the amount of complexity in the ad copy creation process allows ad builders to speed up the process and also future proof ad copy by ensuring it is standardized across the account which makes any future changes to copy simpler.