Masterclassing New York: The Emotional Journey of Connecting with Customers

You can never underestimate the power of great experience in driving performance, and that great experience relies on connecting with your customers. It’s an emotional journey to get from the moments of wonder to the “I Do”, but in our recent Masterclassing roundtable with sister company Joystick, we gave practical advice for navigating that customer journey.

Making Emotional Connections

It can be hard to think about digital marketing beyond its impact to the bottom line, but we should be striving for truly great marketing that makes us feel something different: be it wonder, curiosity, excitement or fear of missing out. It is those feelings that create an emotional connection with your brand and ultimately establish customer loyalty.

But you aren’t going to make that connection with Paid Search ads that say the same thing or with retargeting ads that follow you around for months regardless of who you are, or emails that clog up your inbox. What we should be doing is putting the romance back into marketing: connecting over time to develop a solid relationship.

Lucky for us, Forrester is predicting that 2019 will be the year that marketing “gets sexy again”. The report claims that CMOs are the executives most responsible for customer experience, which has stagnated year after year. Forrester expects that, in order to combat this, companies will undergo bold brand transformations. They won’t need to rebrand, but Forrester instead predicts that they’ll need to refocus on branding so as to catch the eye of the consumer.

Let’s Start Dating

It all starts with the customer, doesn’t it? And that customer is searching for something. You’ve done your research, pulled your insights but first, you have to meet. So what’s your opening line? How do you stand out from the crowd? You have to meet your customer at a time when you are relevant to them, so pique their interest on Search. They’ll swipe right when they’re ready.

Once you’ve got them interested, it’s time to add some sizzle. With high impact creative you can create excitement.  If you’re a retailer, create an environment which allows them to browse shoppable products set within a real-life setting. By creating these real-life environments you can establish your branding and resonate with the consumer.

You then need to spend some quality time together with personalized dynamic creative. This is where you focus on each other’s interests, build loyalty, and extend your relationship. Say a customer put a tennis racket in their basket but didn’t purchase – target them with a discount code on that racket to encourage their conversion. If they have previously purchased a racket, instead target them with related products like tennis balls.

After you’ve spent some time in a relationship, it’s time to get engaged. Make sure it’s a great experience; frictionless like the iPhone. Make it convenient, such as Warby Parker. And always look for moments to make someone feel special like Eileen Fisher.

If you get the whole thing right, they’re sure to say “I Do”.

Want to view our presentation? You can download the slides from Masterclass on Slideshare.