NMPi by Incubeta Announced as a Travolution Award Shortlister!

Read Time: 1 Minute

We are thrilled to announce that NMPi by Incubeta has been shortlisted at The Travolution Awards 2020 for the Best Use of Social with Eurail.

This award is given to a digital marketing agency and/or travel organization that utilized a variety of social media channels to ‘build brand affinity, hone marketing messages to key target groups and drive brand loyalty and advocacy’, and we are delighted for the nomination.

NMPi by Incubeta was shortlisted as a result of the work we did for Eurail – increasing the awareness of their travel passes, through the use of social media. Eurail wanted to inspire customers without the stereotypical images of the main tourist traps, so we thought what better way to showcase the freedom and experience a Eurail Pass can offer, than by sharing the experiences of travelers who have used the pass?

Our teams worked tirelessly, utilizing images captured by Eurail’s clients to create an engaging and seamless user experience across social channels. This method boosted Eurail’s brand awareness and presented a more genuine customer experience that was appealing to prospective travelers.

We are elated to have been recognized for our team’s hard work and dedication, so keep your fingers crossed for December 3rd when the winner is announced!