Which Google Adwords Ad Extension improves conversion rate and click through rate the most?


Recently Google has been updating its services to advertisers by including ad extensions for users to enhance their PPC advertising. These new ad extensions are available when advertisers add new campaigns to their accounts and consist of:

1. Location Extensions

Google Locations Extensions

These extensions allow advertisers to display addresses and maps underneath their ad copies to improve the user experience.

2. Sitelink Extensions

Google Sitelinks Extensions

  • These extensions allow advertisers to convey more messages and link to suggested pages that may be useful for the user.  With Site Links, you can advertise more products and more services.

3. Product Extensions

Google Product Extensions

These extensions allow users to see the relevant products in the available product range offered by the advertiser.  You can see price points, images and other products that the user may want.

4. Phone Extensions
Google Phone Extensions

Phone extensions allow your customers to call you directly from your ad if they are using a high-end mobile device that has a full Internet browser.

Google Ad Extensions

At Net Media Planet I have been testing these different ad extensions and analysing the results to see which of them result in the best performance on different keyword types.


Location Extensions vs Sitelink Extensions on Brand terms

I tested the difference between Location extensions and Sitelinks on Brand terms, and found on average a 7% increase in CTR using Sitelinks instead of Location Extensions. (Please note – I did not test these extensions on Product or Generic keywords.)

Sitelink Extensions vs Product Extensions

I tested Sitelink and Product Extensions on 3 different keyword types:

1. Brand (e.g. “Panda Security” – a global antivirus solution provider)

2. Product (e.g. “Panda Internet Security”)

3. Generic  (e.g. “Antivirus”)

I monitored the CTR and Conversion Rate for both extensions.

For example, for the Product category I started with Sitelink Extensions:

Panda Security Sitelinks Extensions

I then changed to Product Extensions:

Panda Security Product Extensions

The table below shows what happened as I changed from Product Extensions to Sitelink extensions for these keyword types.

Keyword Type                      %  Change in CTR                 % Change in Conversion Rate

Brand +21%                                               +20%

Product -17%                                                 -53%

Generic +12%                                                 +4%

This table shows that Sitelinks improved the ads’ performance of Brand and Generic keywords rather than using Product extensions.  However, using Product extensions on Product keywords did have a beneficial effect.


According to my findings it is best to use Sitelinks on Brand and Generic keywords, and Product Extensions on Product keywords.


Google released Sitelinks on Mobile ads last week and I am currently testing the benefits of Sitelinks and Phone Extensions for Mobile PPC ads.

Check back on the Net Media Planet blog in a few weeks time and I will let you know my findings.

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  1. Mark says:


    Great blog post. Do you know if the Ad Extension CTRs are taken into account when calculating the campaign CTR?

    I’m aware the content network data is split off from the normal search, but is Ad Extension done in the same way?

  2. PPC Team says:

    Hi Mark,

    Ad Extensions data is aggregated into the overall campaign CTR.
    However, you can see separate impressions and click statistics for your extensions in the “Ad Extensions” tab.

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