Yandex Launch CPA Model for Yandex.Market

Last week Yandex announced the launch of a CPA model for their Yandex Market shopping comparison product. From next month customers will be able to purchase directly from Yandex Market, going straight to the checkout without leaving the webpage.


This massively simplifies the checkout process and should lead to a higher conversion rate for online stores. Using the CPA model, stores will pay Yandex a percentage of the value of each order, regardless of the product category.


Yandex say “We are now offering a benefit to stores and shoppers alike – online stores will pay only for tangible results, while shoppers will find it easier to find and buy what they need.”


Sarah, a Yandex Certified analyst at Net Media Planet thinks “the CPA model, offered alongside the normal CPC model, should lower the risk of entering Russia for UK companies.



Join the UK businesses seeing success in Russia with the adoption of Yandex advertising. For further information on the new CPA model or about any other advertising options with Yandex, please get in touch with Luke who will be happy to help. +44 (0) 20 7186 2109


Read the official release statement on the Yandex blog:


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