NMPi appoints a new operations director

Full-service digital marketing agency, NMPi, has appointed Michelle Clarke as its operations director. The announcement is part of the group’s aim to deliver country-specific support from an integrated, global operations team based at its Cape Town office.

NMPi has offices in Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United States. Its parent company, IncuBeta, has offices in 13 countries, employing more than 400 full-time staff.

“Michelle’s focus is to ensure that the operational process delivers on our ability to have a client and country-specific proposition, which is serviced by a Cape Town-based ops team. We have built a team that has the knowledge base, the consulting capabilities, and the training capacity to deliver excellent service to our growing global client base. With more than 13 years’ experience, Michelle is ideally positioned to head up operations and to further curate and nurture the intellectual capital within our operational hub,” says Alan Lipshitz, CEO of IncuBeta Holdings.

Clarke joined the Incubeta Group in 2004 as a junior trader and has held several positions, including senior trader, head of account strategy, head of search, and head of Asia Pacific operations, before taking on the role of operations director in January. The key areas of focus of her new role will be strategic management, resource management, and operational management.

“What excites me most is that we have such a talented team of individuals who have experience working across all the markets we operate in. Drawing on this team of experts, with global knowledge, allows us to tailor our objectives and strategies towards individual clients and markets. We are all about making data-driven decisions while keeping innovation and client satisfaction at the core of our delivery. We try to position ourselves as an extension of our client’s teams, working closely together to execute objectives and goals,” adds Clarke.

NMPi aims to focus its delivery on using the best technology available with the experienced insight of trained professionals across a broad range of platforms.

“We are able to go deeper than simply setting up and running campaigns. DoubleClick and analytics will be a cornerstone to clients looking to reap the full rewards of our work with them. Dealing with attribution in a more sophisticated way allows us to look at the data, analyse a client’s history, and then craft relevant campaign strategies, which actually fit into their overall marketing strategy,” says Lipshitz.

Over the years, NMPi has developed areas of dominance. The Australian division is the largest independent digital agency in the retail space of that region. It dominates the financial services sector in South Africa and has shown significant growth in the training space in other regions. Lipshitz says the company will be harnessing this regional expertise to expand its offering across all the global operations.

Lipshitz concludes, “Our organisational focus makes Michelle perfect for the job. She is comfortable with managing divergent views, but can still steer the process to achieve the objective, which is most relevant for that particular global market. This will set us apart from any other regional agency.”

For more information, visit www.nmpilabs.com.